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Things To Know About Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM)

The customer identity and access management or CIAM enable enterprises to control the customers’ access to their applications and services along with securely capturing as well as managing their profile data and identity by maintaining confidentiality. For enhancing the customers’ experience applying the innovative digitized services is essential and that’s the drill when the establishments have to balance in between the complex security measures and the seamless customer experience.

When companies choose strong CIAM solutions- it includes features from customer registration to self-service account management and from single sign-on (SSO) to multi-factor authentication (MFA). Simultaneously, it’s significant to add features like access management, directory services as well as data access governance, consent and preference management and so on.

If you choose a highly sophisticated CIAM solution, it will ensure a seamless customers experience at an optimum level and will provide high-end performance in whichever channel whether web or mobile, the customers are connected to the brand. Your company should have one goal in regards to the CIAM is to convert the simple customer experience into proper customer engagement.

Things you should know more about the CIAM—

Perfect customer experience

It was a time when the web apps were dominating the web world but now as the mobile apps are gaining more importance, the implications of CIAM with different other IoT and other channels are visible. By enabling simple access, the CIAM unifies the customers’ profiles so that the company or the organization can engage the customers with the omnichannel experiences and keep doors open for more personal interaction.

Powerful security integration

The growing scale of data breaches is creating awe for many organizations for failing to protect the customers’ data. Many of them are unsure whether they have sufficient protection to prohibit the breaching. Well, in this case, adopting CIAM offers an outstanding layer of protection from the authentication to straight away to the data layer reducing all the chances of reducing revenue, customer trust, goodwill as well as it closes all doors for the lawsuits often called by clients for breaching. So, compliance is also that is promised by the CIAM.

Privacy compliance

It’s now a very common picture how the digital screens are greeting customers by their names. The sharing of personal data has extended unlike before but it doesn’t mean that the privacy of the customers’ data is compromised. CIAM gives the right to customers to have control over their data sharing.

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