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3 Important Things to Check Before You Launch Your Website

Before you deploy your website, you need to ensure to check a few things before launching it as it may have a major impact on your website success. According to advertising companies in Singapore, here are the things you should check before you launch your website.

  1. Analytics

Before launching the website, it is essential to know the proper way of measuring your site’s audience. Your old site may have a Google Analytics script that can be shifted to your new site so as to have a comparison between the two. If you don’t have a script, then create one to measure the success of your new site.

  1. Domain registration and email

Before you launch your website to the domain, you need to take proper precautions to avoid the server downtime. Without these, it can cost you email communication, URL access and even worse, website errors as well.

  1. Content

Ensure that the content is fully up to date on your website. Apart from loading out the content, ensure that the attachments are up to date and organized as well. You also need to make sure that your content is loaded with necessary keywords and is on the specific page to help you out when integrating a keyword strategy for your new site.

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